Hendy Amps Warhol 2-channel

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The Hendyamps Warhol is a one-of-a-kind two-channel, high-voltage Mosfet-based solid state preamp that functions as a multi-channel, high-voltage Mosfet-based solid state preamp. This innovative piece of equipment is available in configurations of one, two, or eight channels, housed within a 1u or 2u chassis to provide unmatched versatility and sublime tone quality.

Unparalleled Preamp Technology

Breaking away from its traditional tube-based gear, Hendyamps introduces the Warhol preamp, harnessing the power of a high-voltage Mosfet operating at 400v. This preamp boasts an impressive 70db gain, ensuring ample headroom for recording needs. Moreover, the Warhol preamp enriches the source material with a radiant quality, offering a polished glimpse of the final mix during the tracking phase, thus facilitating a smoother mixing process.

Flexible Configuration Options

The Warhol preamp allows for customisation to suit various studio requirements, with configurations including two-channel, four-channel, and eight-channel setups. The two- and four-channel versions come in a compact 1u chassis featuring XLR inputs on the faceplate. At the same time, the eight-channel variant occupies a 2u chassis, equipped with all necessary XLR inputs and outputs on the backplate.

Streamlined Control Scheme

Designed with the audio engineer's ease of operation in mind, the Warhol preamp features minimal controls. Each channel is equipped with a dedicated Gain knob and Pad switch. Additionally, to maximise channel count without compromising sound quality, every pair of channels shares a 48v phantom power switch, a consideration especially pertinent when using specific ribbon microphones alongside condenser microphones.

Superior Sound Quality Through Advanced Design

Each channel incorporates an input transformer to guarantee the highest sonic fidelity and minimal noise. Implementing impedance balancing for the output ensures the preamp delivers exceptional clarity, articulation, and punch. This makes the Warhol preamp a versatile tool that excels with any source material, becoming a staple in Hendyamps Studios' daily operations.

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