IGS Audio Bison 500 Mid Side Matrix

CAP2: 53666.0
£598.99 £643.99
£499.16 ex VAT
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500 series MS matrix with Dry/Wet mixer control.

The IGS Audio Bison 500 is a 500 series MS matrix with  Dry/Wet mixer control.

The IGS Audio Bison 500 includes two front-panl stereo jack send and returns and a large Mix knob. Operation between stereo and M/S is achieved through the 3-way toggle switch at the top. In MS mode, the left channel controls the mid (mono) section while the right the side (stereo). Combined with a dual-mono or two mono processors let you affect the stereo image.

The Mix knob lets you blend the dry signal back to processed signal. It is ideal for pushing the sound of your compressor but retain the natural dynamics of the original.

Bison 500 is easy to use and opens up the mixing possibilities offered by your existing hardware.

IGS Audio Bison 500 Main Features

  • M/S Matrix with Mix blend
  • Stereo or MS modes
  • Increase stereo image
  • Mix blend enables parallel processing

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