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Single-channel 500 series Mic pre and Compressor with 60dB of gain, VCA compression with two stage envelope release time.

The IGS Audio Neox is a mic preamp and compressor fitted into a single-channel 500 series module.

The IGS Audio Neox boasts a transformer-less design ensuring low noise and excellent dynamic response. The preamp section is easy to use and provides 60dB of adjustable gain boost. Additional controls include a 6dB/oct 70Hz high pass filter, polarity reversal and +48V phantom power.

The compressor is of the VCA type with an external circuit to control the attack and release times. Once again the compression is easy to use featuring only minimal controls. Unique to the Neox, is a two-stage envelope release time. It works by first reducing 80% of the signal within the 150ms and reduces it further within 450ms. The result is an opto-like behaviour, which is idea for tracking vocals, guitars or bass. The controls include threshold, ratio (ranging from 1:1 to 100:1) and output. 

IGS Audio Neox Main Features:

  • All 500-series compatible unit
  • Ultra fast and punchy, mic preamp
  • HPF, Phase, Phantom power switches
  • Wide range of amplification
  • Great and easy to dial compressor
  • Fast Attack and Auto Release time
  • Precisely scaled separate VU and GR meters
  • All relay switches

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