IGS Audio Rubber Bands 500 Mastering EQ

CAP2: 73250.0
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500 series pultec-style mastering EQ with Carnhill and Edcor transformers, passive filtering section and high quality components throughout

The IGS Audio Rubberband 500 Mastering Edition is a 500 series stereo passive EQ. It is inspired by the legendary Pultec EQ and designed for mastering applications.

The IGS Audio Rubberband 500 Mastering Edition features a Class A driver circuit.  It uses a Carnhill input transformer and Edcor output transformer. Besides it uses top quality ELMA switches on all controls for precise setting and easy recall.

By contrast the filtering section is 100% passive and emulates '60s analogue EQ's. Unlike the original Pultec, this EQ has separate frequencies for low boost and low cut. This offers much more flexibility that mastering and mixing engineers will appreciate. It also boasts a far greater choice of frequencies to focus on problematic regions.

The Rubber Band mastering EQ will impart a wide range of distinctive colours to a mix. Mastering engineers will also love the technical performance of this EQ. 

IGS Audio Rubberband 500 Mastering Edition Main Features:

  • 500 Series Pultec-style EQ
  • Class A Driver circuit
  • Carnhill Input transformer and Edcor output transformer
  • Seprate Low boost and Low cut Frequencies
  • High-quality ELMA switches throughout
  • 100% Passive filtering section
  • Low Cut Frequencies: 20Hz, 30Hz, 
  • Low Boost Frequencies:
  • High Boost Frequencies
  • High Cut Frequencies:

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