IGS Audio Tubecore Vari-MU 3U

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Mastering compressor based on typical vari-mu design, interchangeable valves, Mid/Side and parallel processing

The IGS Audio TubeCore 3U is a mastering compressor based on typical vari-mu design. It boasts a symmetric transformer balanced circuit.

The IGS Audio TubeCore 3U offers the flexibility required by mastering engineers and more. Besides the usual controls it features independent Attack and Release controls and high-pass filter. The Attack control ranges from ultra-fast (10ms) to more transparent (300ms). Release covers faster settings with 0.1 seconds to ultra-slow at 4s. A Mix control lets you set the amount of dry signal for parallel processing. Three modes are available (dual-mono, stereo and Mid/Side) too for added flexibility. A fourth bypass mode lets you bypass the unit for A/B comparison. Both bypass controls do exactly the same thing but are there for workflow reasons.

Mastering engineers will also appreciate the large 3U enclosure and large and detented knobs. Another feature is the ability to change valves with ease to change the tonality. Choose from the standard IGS 6Bc8/6BZ8 valves or the legendary 6386 or the darker 5670.  High-quality components are used throughout with no expense spared. It comes with 6N1P-EW NOS tubes delivering the sound of the legendary Fairchild 670. Carnhill and Sowter transformers are also used. 

IGS Audio TubeCore 3U Main Features:

  • 0.1s - 4s release, 10 - 300 ms attack, max. gain 35dB
  • Frequency response +/-0.2dB: 20Hz-20KHz
  • XLR I/O, stepped controls and hard-wired bypass switch
  • Carnhill input transformer, sowter output transformer
  • Fully symmetric design with precise analog scales and responsive VU meters
  • 3U rackmountable, 180mm depth, weighing in at 7kg
  • Engineer's Custom Tube Set included

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