IGS Audio Tubecore 500 Compressor for 500-series

CAP2: 63667.0
£699.00 £764.00
£582.50 ex VAT
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500 Series Vari-Mu compressor with JJ tubes powered by 250V DC, Sowter and Carnhill Transformers. Ideal for tracking and mixing vocals, bass, drums, guitars.

The IGS Audio TubeCore 500 is a 500 series  vari-mu compressor for tracking and mixing.

The IGS Audio Tubecore 500 is handmade and includes high-quality components throughout. JJ Tubes are calibrated individually and powered by 250V DC  for best performance. This means TubeCore 500 delivers all the rich unique sound of legendary vari-mu compressors. Besides Sowter and Carnhill transformers are also employed to ensure superior performance.

The TubeCore 500 will work wonders tracking vocals, drums, guitars or bass. The rich harmonics added by the tube will make any instrument shine during a mix. Using a matched pair will also let you use it as a mastering compressor. Linking two units together is possible. The compressor with the deeper compression will act as a master. Two extra jumpers let you set the input and output levels for each unit for deeper compression.

IGS Audio TubeCore 500 Main Features:

  • Fully symmetric mono tube compressor
  • Precise analog scales and ultra fast VU meters
  • Frequency response +/-0.2dB: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Release: 0.1s - 4s, attack: 10 - 300 ms
  • Max gain: 35dB
  • Carnhill input and Sowter output transformers
  • Suitable for 500-series 'lunchbox' racks (2 slots)

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