IK Multimedia ARC Studio

Room Correction Software

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Ultra-accurate measurement and room correction, dynamic profile management, and instant application of correction filters provide a trustworthy and efficient mixing experience.

At a glance

  • Measurement microphone, room analysis software and correction plug-in
  • Improves frequency balance and stereo imaging in any room
  • Work faster and create better mixes without expensive room treatment
  • Emulates the sound of top monitors and common listening devices
  • 3D room analysis delivers incredibly accurate, natural sound

The IK Multimedia ARC Studio is a room correction solution designed to ensure precision and confidence in your mixing process. Experience the freedom and reliability of hearing the true sound of your music, guaranteed to resonate across various listening environments.

Guaranteed Audio Clarity

Navigate the acoustic challenges of any space with ARC System 4, which utilizes a top-grade measurement microphone and advanced software to maintain the integrity of your monitoring. With this technology, you work efficiently, confident that your music will remain true to its source.

Reliable Sound Perception

Environmental factors significantly influence your sound perception. ARC swiftly and accurately assesses your room's acoustic profile and creates a corrective filter for your DAW. This ensures the music you hear and the mix is an authentic reproduction of your original sound.

Innovative Listening Experience

ARC 4 introduces a cutting-edge analysis and correction algorithm, providing results beyond the capabilities of traditional room correction systems. With IK's VRM™ technology, ARC 4 generates a detailed 3D acoustic map, pinpointing issues without altering the natural essence of the sound.

Choose between an extensive 21-point measurement for permanent setups or a rapid 7-point method for dynamic environments, enabling room measurement in under a minute.

Instant Correction Application

After creating your profiles, insert ARC 4 into your DAW's master bus for real-time correction. This advanced processing compensates for your room's acoustics, assuring the highest fidelity and consistency in your music across different settings.

Custom Acoustic Adjustment

Every room and setup is unique, and ARC 4 provides comprehensive controls for you to fine-tune corrections, ensuring peak performance in any location:

  • Tailorable correction range
  • Selectable resolution and smoothing options
  • Choice of natural or linear phase correction modes

Effortless Mix Monitoring

With ARC System 4, simulate renowned studio monitors' frequency and phase responses, enabling you to test your mix on various reference systems efficiently without leaving your mixing position.

Optimised Workflow with Precision Metering

ARC enhances your workflow with sophisticated metering tools such as Peak, RMS, Loudness, and dynamic range indicators alongside a real-time spectrum analyzer. These tools reveal your music's interaction with the room's acoustics before correction.

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