Interphase Audio Carbon 500

500 Series EQ

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500 Series EQ by Interphase Audio, redefining the classic equalizer with a unique, full Class-A, discrete design. Distinguished by its four large overlapping frequency bands, Carbon offers unparalleled control, allowing users to sculpt their audio with precision and creativity. Departing from imitations, Interphase Audio's commitment to originality shines through, delivering a distinctive and musical sound. With the ability to cut or boost each band by up to 15dB, Carbon caters to both seasoned professionals and novices, offering a versatile and user-friendly interface. Experience the convergence of craftsmanship, innovation, and exceptional sound quality with Carbon, setting a new standard in audio refinement.

At a glance

  • Four large overlapping frequency bands for versatile audio control
  • Classic capacitor-based EQ circuit design with Interphase Audio's unique take
  • Full Class-A, discrete architecture for a distinct and musical sound
  • Carefully chosen and matched components for optimal performance
  • Not a clone or copy, showcasing Interphase Audio's commitment to originality
  • User-friendly interface for both professionals and novices
  • Each band allows for a substantial cut or boost of up to 15dB
  • HF and LF bands adaptable as shelf or peak for added punch, dimension, or control
  • Ideal for minimizing problematic frequencies or enhancing specific audio elements
  • Exceptional craftsmanship, setting Carbon apart as a unique and innovative EQ solution.

The Interphase Carbon 500 is a 500 Series 4-band capacitive EQ with four expansive overlapping frequency bands and a Class A discrete design, empowering users to unleash their creativity and shape their sound with unparalleled precision.

Inspired by the timeless elegance of capacitor-based EQ circuits, Carbon redefines the classic equalizer design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it embodies a full Class-A, discrete architecture, elevating your audio experience to new heights. Rest assured, Carbon is no mere imitation – it is a testament to our commitment at Interphase Audio to originality and innovation, eschewing clones or copies.

Carbon delivers a distinct and musical sound designed for the discerning audiophile, setting it apart from the crowd. Its four EQ bands offer a versatile palette for sculpting your audio landscape, with large overlapping frequency controls that effortlessly tackle problematic frequencies or provide a dynamic boost to others. Whether you seek to enhance dimension, control high- and low-end frequencies, or add an extra punch to your mix, Carbon offers a user-friendly interface that ensures both professional and novice users can harness its capabilities.

Unlock the potential of your audio with Carbon – where unique design, exceptional sound quality, and intuitive functionality converge to redefine your sonic experience. Each band allows for a substantial cut or boost of up to 15dB, giving you the power to tailor your sound precisely to your liking. Elevate your audio journey with Carbon, where craftsmanship meets creativity.

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