Interphase Audio HELIUM 500

500 Series EQ

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500 Series 4-band Hybrid Equalizer, named Helium, seamlessly merges capacitor-based EQ circuits with filters and inductor-based EQ circuits. As a full Class-A, discrete design, Helium distinguishes itself with meticulous component selection, ensuring an exceptionally musical sound. Unlike clones or copies, Helium is an original creation by Interphase Audio, featuring unique design elements and straightforward functionality. The four bands offer extensive control with large overlapping frequency adjustments, suitable for addressing problematic frequencies or enhancing others. The HF and LF bands can function as bell-curved EQ or -12 dB per octave hi-cut/lo-cut filters, while the inductive EQ on the middle bands utilizes custom-wound Carnhill inductors on the lo-mid band. Each band allows for a 15dB cut or boost, showcasing Helium's versatility and precision in audio equalization, aligning with Interphase Audio's commitment to distinctive design and outstanding sound quality.

The Interphase Audio is a 500 Series 4-band Hybrid Equaliser that seamlessly integrates capacitor-based EQ circuits and filters with inductor-based EQ circuits. Known as Helium, this unique equaliser combines the best elements of our Carbon and Iridium EQ, enhancing the design with additional filter circuits.

The Interphase Audio Helium stands out as a full Class-A, discrete design, where every component has been meticulously selected and matched to deliver an exceptionally musical sound. At Interphase Audio, we pride ourselves on creating original products, and Helium is no exception—not a mere "clone" or "copy" of existing designs. It boasts distinctive features and straightforward functionality, characteristic of all our audio solutions.

Designed with four bands featuring large overlapping frequency controls, Helium is well-suited for minimising problematic frequencies or providing an additional boost to others. The HF and LF bands offer flexibility, functioning as bell-curved EQ or -12 dB per octave hi-cut/lo-cut filters. The two middle bands showcase our inductive EQ, featuring custom-wound Carnhill inductors on the lo-mid band.

Each band on Helium allows for a generous cut or boost of up to 15dB, providing users with ample control over the audio spectrum. With its carefully crafted combination of capacitor and inductor-based circuits, Helium sets a high standard for audio equalisation, embodying Interphase Audio's commitment to unique design, exceptional sound quality, and user-friendly functionality.

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