Interphase Audio NDUCR

Analogue EQ

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Dual-channel analogue EQ unit designed to enhance audio with its silky smooth colouration. It features a unique 4-band inductor equalizer on each channel, with vertical alignment for easy control. The NDUCR incorporates high-quality components, including custom-wound Carnhill inductors and Class-A electronics, to deliver a distinctive and musical sound. Tailored for precision, it employs large frequency select knobs and 100mm Bourns faders for exact adjustments. Available in light or dark faceplates, the NDUCR is a modern yet classic EQ unit, offering both XLR and jack connectors for flexible connectivity while ensuring a unique sonic character that sets it apart from traditional designs.

At a glance

  • Dual-Channel Configuration: Each channel is equipped with a 4-band inductor equalizer, allowing for versatile sound shaping.
  • Inductor-Based Circuitry: Uses 32 inductors across four bands, including custom-wound Carnhill inductors in the low and mid-low bands for a distinctive sound.
  • Class-A, Discrete Electronics: Ensures high-quality audio output and contributes to the unit's unique tonal character.
  • Vertically Aligned EQ Bands: Offers an intuitive layout with channels one on the left and two on the right for ease of use.
  • Individual Band Activation/Bypass: Each band can be activated or bypassed independently for precise sound control.
  • Large Frequency Select Knobs: Enhances hands-on control over selected frequencies, allowing for fine-tuning.
  • High-Quality 100mm Bourns Faders: Offers precise control over cut and boost levels, enabling detailed adjustments.
  • Flexible Connectivity Options: Features dual inputs and outputs, with female XLR and balanced jack connectors for each input and male XLR and balanced jack connectors for each output.
  • Rackmount Design: Available as a 3U 19-inch rackmount unit, suitable for professional studio environments.
  • Contemporary Yet Classic Design: While it incorporates modern techniques and components, the NDUCR retains a classic aesthetic and is not a clone or copy of existing designs.

The Interphase Audio NDUCR is a dual-channel analogue EQ, embodying the classic rackmount design of the inductor EQ section from the Ark input channels. It's crafted to infuse your signal with a silky smooth colouration, offering a unique sonic character.

This unit showcases two channels, each equipped with a 4-band Inductor Equaliser. Its inception followed positive feedback on the Interphase Audio EQ 2.2, leading to requests from our network of professionals for a straightforward dual-channel version. Stripping back unnecessary complexities, the NDUCR offers two channels, each boasting a superb 4-band EQ.

Distinctively, the NDUCR's design aligns the four EQ bands vertically, with the first channel on the left and the second on the right. Each band can be independently activated or bypassed, providing flexibility in shaping your sound. The unit features large frequency select knobs, enhancing hands-on control over your chosen frequencies. Additionally, it's fitted with high-quality 100 mm Bourns level faders, delivering unparalleled precision in cut and boost adjustments.

Available as a 3U 19-inch rackmount unit, the NDUCR comes with either a 'light' or 'dark' faceplate.

Inductor-based circuits are revered in the world of equaliser designs, famously employed in the esteemed Pultec equalisers dating back to the late 1950s. The NDUCR utilises 32 inductors across its four bands, including custom-wound Carnhill inductors in the low-mid and low bands. This arrangement ensures precise control and imparts the distinctive inductor sound on each band.

The NDUCR is crafted with Class-A discrete electronics, merging with the inductors to produce a distinctive sound that has won the hearts of many engineers. Despite its nod to vintage designs, the NDUCR is a modern creation, leveraging advanced techniques and components unavailable six decades ago. It stands out as a unique creation, not a clone or copy.

Employing inductors offers a 'peaking' characteristic, allowing for tighter control over the selected frequency. The inductor values and components are meticulously selected to yield an exceptionally musical sound. Each band offers a switch selection of six musically resonant frequencies, and instead of traditional rotary controls, each band utilises a 100mm fader for cut and boost control. This design choice reflects our preference for faders and provides the most precise control and visual feedback for each band's setting.

The NDUCR features two inputs and two outputs, each doubled for versatility. The inputs include a female XLR and a balanced jack connector, paralleled for flexibility. Similarly, the outputs comprise male XLR and balanced jack connectors, which are also paralleled, allowing simultaneous use.

While using both XLR and jack outputs concurrently is feasible for routing to multiple destinations, it is advisable to avoid using both XLR and jack inputs simultaneously to maintain optimal signal integrity.

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