IsoVox 2 Vocal Booth - White

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The Isovox 2 is a portable vocal booth designed to provide professional vocal recordings anywhere.

The Isovox 2 uses a patended 360 XYZ Acoustic system which removes room reflection from all directions. It combines a wide range of materials each with different densities to provide the best possible acoustics for your vocals. Its unique design removes completely the sound of the room you’re recording in as well as providing effective sound proofing.

The Isovox 2 is portable with dimensions  14.6inch high by 15.35inch wide and can accommodate most microphones. A light is included on the inside and lyrics can easily be placed next to the microphone. For easy storage, the Isovox 2 can be folded and assembled with an easy-zipper design.

Isovox 2 Main Features:

  • Record with unmatched 360 Studio Acoustics at home.
  • Practice vocals without disturbing
  • 100% Portable assembly
  • Made in Sweden
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