IsoVox IsoMic

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The Isovox Isomic is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that works with the Isovox vocal booth.

The Isovox Isomic is an easy-to-use microphone that helps voice-over artists and vocalists achieve great professional sound. The ISOMIC has been set to deliver a clear sound perfect for vocals in different genres and match broadcasting requirements. However, it can be further tweaked to match your requirements.

Triangular Capsule

The ISOMIC is unique in that it boasts a patented triangular Ehrlund capsule which delivers superior clarity and a natural sound than traditional circular capsules.

The triangular capsule recovers from membrane resonance three times faster than traditional designs, greatly reducing colouration and capturing more transients more accurately, resulting in dramatically more detailed and natural sound recording.

This patented capsule has an incredible 7Hz - 87kHz frequency range.

Pro Studio Sound

Designed with the help of Ehrlund Microphones and Research Electronics to create a microphone that delivers a radio-ready sound straight out of the box. The sound is full-bodied, rich and well-balanced with no harsh sibilance.

The ISOMIC also has an extremely low noise level <7dB (A-weighted), removing the need for unnecessary noise removal and editing.

This vocal microphone also uses a dual pop-reducing system comprising an integrated filter and the ISOPOP external pop shield.

The Perfect Match

The ISOMIC has been carefully tuned to provide a professional sound straight out of the box. Its frequency response has been tailored to work with the Isovox vocal booth removing the need for EQ to compensate for acoustic problems.

Furthermore, the Cloudmount holder has been optimised to place the microphone in the sweet spot automatically. The included Pop shield has been designed not to obstruct the line of vision when reading lyrics or script.

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