JoeCo BlackBox Recorder BBR1A

Multi-channel playback device

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The Joeco Blackbox BBR1A Recorder is a 24-channel multi-track ADAT recorder that brings the benefits of multi-track audio capture with the BLACKBOX Recorder to digital desks and D-A converters equipped with Lightpipe (TOSlink) inputs and outputs.

Three 8-channel Lightpipe inputs can be connected from the mixer, while three Lightpipe outputs can return the signals to the mixer. All other BLACKBOX multi-track recorder features remain unchanged, and the full analogue I/O capability of the standard BBR1 is still available for situations where the Lightpipe interface is unsuitable.

All BLACKBOX recorders are designed and built to exact standards with rugged construction and unique features. The choice of professional users BBR1A multi-track recorder, is the solution the professional audio industry chooses and trusts. For more information, download the BLACKBOX ADAT Recorder brochure below for full information on the entire BLACKBOX range.

Note: Due to limitations in the Lightpipe format, this option restricts 24-track recording to single-speed sample rates (44.1kHz and 48kHz). At double sample rates the unit employs the SMUXII protocol reducing the I/O count to 12 channels. However, the full 24/24/96kHz facility is still available in the analogue domain.

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