JoeCo BlackBox Recorder BBR1U

Multi-channel playback device

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The Joeco Blackbox BBR1U is a multi-track recorder that upholds the renowned reputation of the BLACKBOX Recorder for delivering high-quality recordings and dependable performance compared to traditional analogue set-ups.

Specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with standard analogue consoles, the BBR1U can be easily connected across the insert points using three 25-way female D-type connectors at the unit's rear. For this purpose, three 1/4-inch TRS terminated multicore looms can be provided upon request, facilitating a smooth connection between the BLACKBOX Recorder and the console through the TASCAM analogue format.

Inside the BBR1U multi-track recorder, the audio signal is efficiently routed from input to output using relays in all modes except during playback. This innovative feature ensures an additional layer of safety, safeguarding live scenarios from any potential audio disruption in case of a power failure on the BBR.

Moreover, this model offers eight insert returns that are conveniently accessible through TRS jacks on the rear of the unit. This enables users to connect supplementary outboard equipment as needed, enhancing the versatility of the recording setup.

The BLACKBOX Recorder series is celebrated for its meticulous design, rugged construction, and a remarkable array of exclusive multi-track audio capture features. Professional users consistently opt for the BBR1U multi-track recorder, making it the trusted and preferred solution in the professional audio industry. For more comprehensive information, you can download the BLACKBOX Recorder brochure to explore the entire BLACKBOX range.

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