Kemper Profiler Rack + Remote Set

Digital modelling guitar amplifier head

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Digital Modelling Guitar Amplifier Head

At a glance

  • Revolutionary profiling amp 'learns' the behaviour of valve amps
  • Creates profiles of other amps by plugging into them, placing a microphone in front of them and profiling the results
  • Includes classic tube amp profiles of British, Californian and German amps and Cabinets
  • Connections for use in the studio and on stage (using an additional poweramp)
  • Stomp Box profiling section for profiling stomp box effects
  • A Master FX section includes reverbs, delays and modulations
  • Controls for Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence and master Volume for using the full sonic spectrum of each amp profile, each gain sound at any volume

The Kemper Profiler Rack is a revolutionary product designed to profile the sounds of other amplifiers and save all of their parameters for use in the studio or, with the help of a power amp, the stage.

The Kemper Profiler Rack is a small, lunchbox-sized unit, and features incredible technology to 'learn' the sonic behaviour of any amp, and save a carbon copy of that amp's settings for use on its own. The Kemper Profiling Amp also provides an impressive amount of amp profiles of its own, modelling valve amps from Britain, Germany and the USA.

As well as profiling the sound of an amp, it also saves the sound of the speaker cabinet, providing an uncanny resemblance to the original. Other guitarists' amp profiles can also be added to your Profiling Amp from the Kemper Rig Exchange, enabling users to build up a collection of their favourite amplifiers, all in one small package.

The process of profiling an amplifier is simple and straight forward, by placing the Profiling Amp in the signal chain between your guitar and your amp and placing a microphone in front of the amp. The Kemper Profiling Amp sends a signal through the amp and uses the microphone to pick up the results. The whole process takes less than a minute, and an A/B comparison feature allows instant access to the profiled sound and the original amp to compare the two and make final tweaks to the profile.

Because the Profiling Amp takes a profile of the power amp stage and the speaker separately, amps can be mixed and matched with different cabinets to create custom rigs. It also includes a stompbox profiler, a master FX section and a set of unique parameters for further shaping the amplifier's profiles from classic to modern sounds.

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