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Tube Line Amplifier

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High-quality two-channel tube line preamplifier, drawing inspiration from 1950s and 1960s tube amplifiers and based on the Kerwax Studio's renowned 24-channel vacuum tube mixing console. Housed in a 5U rack chassis, users can harness the unique qualities of vacuum tubes, resulting in a rich and textured tone. Each channel features two 12AX7 valves, one for preamplification and the other for saturation. The preamp offers customization through Trim and Bias controls, adjusting sound depth and harmonic content. Additionally, it features a two-band EQ with Baxandall curves, a switchable high-pass filter, and the flexibility to choose between L/R or M/S processing, making it an excellent tool for mixing and mastering operations.

"The Kerwax Replica makes a striking visual impression in a small studio; more than one client asked what ‘that thing’ did. But it’s not merely a talking piece. The characterful drive section and creative tone‑shaping combine to create a tool you could happily use at the writing, performance and production stages, before dialling things back and patching it into your master bus when mixing too, where it can help to knit things together."

Neil Rogers (Sound On Sound Contributor)

At a glance

  • 2 Audio Modes: Left/Right and Mid/Side
  • 2 Tubes per Channel (Preamp & Drive)
  • Tube Preamp BIAS Adjustment
  • Gain/Volume Adjustment for Harmonic Distortion
  • Trim Adjustment
  • Treble & Bass EQ Adjustment
  • Selectable High-Pass Filter
  • Individual Channel Phase Switch
  • Output Level Monitoring on VU-meters

The Kerwax Replica is a two-channel tube line preamplifier based on the Kerwax Studio  24-channel vacuum tube mixing console.

The Kerwax Replica is inspired by tube amplifiers designed in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Integrated into a 5U rack chassis, it lets you exploit the different characteristics of vacuum tubes, such as compression and distortion. As a result, this line preamp offers a rich tone and thick texture not available in today’s modern digital equipment.

At the heart of each channel lie two 12AX7 valves, one for the preamplification stage and the other for saturation purposes. These valves have been used for their wide variety of sources. However, they are easily swapped for different tones.

Its distinctive sound can be further tweaked with the Trim and Bias controls that let you adjust the depth of your sound and its harmonic content. As you increase the gain, more saturation is produced, giving you the thickness that only valve preamp can provide.

Furthermore, this stunning preamp boasts a two-band EQ with gentle Baxandall curves that offer musical and smooth tone-shaping capabilities. It also includes a switchable High-pass filter with a choice of two frequencies, 80Hz and 120Hz, to remove unwanted low-end information.

The Kerwax Replica is a fantastic tool for mixing and mastering. It offers a choice between L/R for individual track processing or M/S to control the stereo image, making it ideal for mastering operations.


The Kerwax Replica comes from Kerwax Studio, a residential all-analogue recording studio based in Brittany, France. It is fully loaded with vintage equipment from the 1940s to 1970, carefully collected by Christophe Chavanon, a passionate engineer and collector.

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