Kii THREE System

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The Kii Three is a revolutionary active studio monitor with a DSP controlled cardioid polar pattern and is designed to provide the performance of main monitors with the footprint of near-field monitors.

The Kii Three boasts no less than six drivers including four 6.5 woofers (two at the back and on the side), one 1x5” midrange driver and one 1” waveguided tweeter each powered by six 250W full custom NCore Class D amp designed by Bruno Putzeys. Its unique cardioid polar pattern is achieved through the use of Active Wave Focusing technology that allows perfect directionality of bass and low mid frequencies, a feat unachievable using traditional designs. The use of Active Wave Focusing filters ensures a perfectly coherent wave only emitted forward greatly reducing unwanted reflections and smearing caused by back wall reflections.

Each driver has its own inaudible DSP D/A conversion and amplification which actively improves distortion performance and contributes to the extreme resolution of the speaker.  As a result, the Kii Three is louder and cleaner than much bigger traditional speakers. The speaker provides digital and analogue inputs with digital inputs upsampled and reclocked with Kii's own jitter rejection algorithm.

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