Knif Audio Eksa Standard with gain+filters

Mastering EQ with Gain and Filters

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Sophisticated dual-channel mastering analogue EQ, setting a new standard in sound purity. Moving away from Knif's traditional tube-based designs, the Eksa features 24 custom-designed class A discrete Op-amps, ensuring exceptional sound fidelity. This unit, a perfect complement to the Soma, excels in precision, offering a wide Q value range and extensive frequency options. Inspired by Sontec, its advanced Q circuitry allows for independent noise and gain control. The Eksa includes JFET inputs and outputs, DC servos with extended time constants for each band and the main amplifiers, and employs high-quality OP amps and polypropylene capacitors. Unique to Knif's design ethos, Elma rotary switches are used for precise adjustments, and an external power supply enhances its sound profile, which is noted for its transparency and accuracy, reflecting the meaning of its name, 'exact'.

At a glance

  • Dual-Channel Mastering EQ: The Eksa is designed for dual-channel mastering, offering high-level sound control.
  • Dedicated Filter and Gain Section: Includes a specialized section for adjusting gain and filtering.
  • Class A Discrete Op-Amps: Features 24 custom-designed, in-house crafted class A discrete operational amplifiers for superior sound quality.
  • JFET Inputs and Outputs: Each operational amplifier is equipped with JFET inputs and outputs, ensuring consistent performance in class A.
  • Inspired by Sontec Designs: The Eksa's design and functionality are influenced by the legendary Sontec EQs, but with enhanced sophistication.
  • Advanced Q Circuitry: Offers sophisticated Q circuitry for independent noise and gain control across the full range.
  • DC Servos for Each Band: Includes meticulously calibrated DC servos for each band and the core amplifiers, minimizing audio range impact.
  • Extended Time Constants: The DC servos feature time constants of over one minute, using high-quality OP amps and polypropylene capacitors.
  • Elma Rotary Switches: In line with Knif's design philosophy, potentiometers are replaced with Elma rotary switches for precise adjustments.
  • External Power Supply: An external power supply contributes to the Eksa's exceptional sound profile.
  • Unparalleled Sound Transparency and Accuracy: The sound quality is characterized by its transparency and accuracy, without harshness.

The Knif Audio Eksa Standard with Gain+Filters is a dual-channel mastering analogue EQ with a dedicated filter and gain section, epitomising the zenith of sound purity. Unlike Knif's usual tube-based offerings, Eksa utilises custom-designed class A discrete Op-amps crafted in-house for unparalleled sound fidelity. This device is the quintessential counterpart to the Soma, renowned for its sound beautification. In contrast, Eksa offers unmatched precision, a broad Q value spectrum, and extensive frequency options.

The Knif Audio Eksa is inspired by the legendary Sontec designs. Yet, its Q circuitry is significantly more sophisticated, allowing for independent control over noise and gain across the entire range, irrespective of the Q setting. 

Within the Eksa are 24 discrete operational amplifiers, each featuring JFET inputs and outputs and operating consistently in class A. The configuration includes two OP amps for the primary signal path and two additional ones for each band in every channel. Moreover, it employs DC servos for each band and the core amplifiers, meticulously calibrated to minimise their impact on the audio range. The servos boast extended time constants exceeding one minute and incorporate high-calibre OP amps and polypropylene capacitors to enhance performance. As is customary in Knif equipment, Elma rotary switches replace potentiometers, ensuring precise control.

The Eksa's external power supply contributes to its remarkable sound profile, characterized by unparalleled transparency and accuracy, yet devoid of harshness – a quality that inspired its name, derived from 'exact'.

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