Kodamo Essence FM

Hybrid FM synthesizer

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A powerful 300 voice 6 operator FM synthesizer with complex layering capabilities for immersive sound design and exploration

At a glance

  • 300 voice 6 operator FM synthesizer
  • Fully customisable signal path
  • Customize your FM algorithms, waveforms and much more
  • Rackmount chassis, can also be used as a desktop unit
  • Gorgeous touch screen interface with tactile controllers too
  • Can play MIDI files from USB drives
  • Supports Scala Tuning Tables
  • Supports 32-voice DX7 banks
  • MIDI syncable LFO's, infiinte looping envelopes
  • USB host capabilities

The Kodamo EssenceFM is a powerful FM synthesizer with 300 voices of polyphony, 6 operators and a layering system that allows for flexible, powerful sound design capabilities that are a joy to use thanks to its super UI and wealth of customisation options.

FM synthesis might be the most powerful form of synthesis, but it always had a certain stigma attached to it in that's depth is met with programming complexity; this might have something to do with how iconic FM machines such as the DX series from Yamaha chose to approach John Chowning's techniques.

For years, companies have tried to make FM more accessible, and there have been great advances in making it easier to grasp and effectively work with. Still, the Kodamo Essence FM embraces the inherent complexities of this synthesis medium and adds a whopping voice count, a gorgeous touchscreen interface and a simple-to-understand but very deep FM editing engine.

With 300 voices of polyphony, operator layering, custom envelopes, CUSTOM ALGORITHMS(!), custom waveforms and eight assignable audio outputs allow you to treat your sound further in your DAW or with other outboard equipment.

Essence is the future of FM synthesis; it's effortless to use, a pleasure to program and gives you sound results that are otherwise unobtainable.

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