Kodamo Mask1

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Groundbreaking musical instrument with the exclusive Bitmask engine, yielding responsive raw, gritty, and ethereal sounds. Unlike conventional synthesizers, it explores nuanced note interplay, offering control over attacks, connections, and sustains for innovative keyboard performance. Crafted meticulously in France with a premium 5-octave Fatar keyboard, it's compact and versatile, retaining settings between sessions. Its intuitive interface enables sonic exploration with customizable tones and ample memory slots. Bitmask synthesis generates distinctive harmonically rich waveforms at its core, defining the MASK1's unique sonic character.

At a glance

  • Exclusive Bitmask engine with resonant filters for raw and ethereal sounds
  • Emphasis on dynamic interaction between musician and keyboard
  • Intricate note interplay, control over attacks, connections, and sustains
  • Premium 5-octave Fatar keyboard with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch
  • Meticulous metal construction, including ALPS knobs and 23 KAILH mechanical switches
  • Crafted in France with a focus on quality and ethical sourcing
  • Compact and lightweight design for live and studio versatility
  • Seamless retention of settings between sessions
  • Comprehensive MIDI connectivity
  • Intuitive interface for sound modulation and sculpting
  • Customizable tones, from analog warmth to vocal-like formants and more
  • Spacious 400-user memory slots
  • Revolutionary Bitmask synthesis for intricate harmonically rich waveforms

The Kodamo MASK1 is a musical instrument that profoundly emphasises the dynamic interaction between the musician and the keyboard. This innovative instrument boasts the exclusive Bitmask engine with resonant filters, producing raw, gritty, and ethereal sounds that respond extraordinarily to the player's unique style and input.

Beyond notes:

Unlike most synthesizers that merely play the notes you press, the MASK1 delves into the intricate interplay between notes. When playing the keyboard, you wield control over when the attacks are triggered, how notes connect or diverge from each other, and whether they should sustain or interrupt each other, akin to the resonance produced by a stringed instrument. This opens up entirely novel avenues for keyboard performance.

Crafted meticulously, the MASK1 features a premium 5-octave Fatar keyboard endowed with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch capabilities. Its construction, composed entirely of meticulously painted metal, incorporates two ALPS knobs and 23 KAILH mechanical switches. Every unit is meticulously assembled in France, exemplifying our commitment to crafting musical instruments that possess a distinct identity. Countless hours were devoted to selecting components and suppliers that strike a harmonious balance between affordability and ethical considerations while relentlessly pursuing the pinnacle of quality.

The MASK1's compact dimensions and lightweight design make it a versatile companion for live performers and studio musicians. It seamlessly retains your settings between sessions, making it an ideal gig choice. With its distinctive sound, top-tier keyboard, and comprehensive MIDI connectivity, the MASK1 can assume a central role in your musical setup.

Sonic Exploration Machine:

The MASK1 beckons you to explore a realm of tranquil and contemplative soundscapes. A simple press of a button or a turn of a knob reveals the transformative power of sound modulation. The MASK1's interface is thoughtfully designed with a concise set of parameters that empower you to sculpt rich and warm tones, ranging from timeless analogue timbres to vocal-like formants, glitchy 8-bit textures, and ethereal pad sounds. These sound profiles are fully customizable and can be stored within its capacious 400-user memory slots. Furthermore, they can be effortlessly transferred to your computer and shared with fellow enthusiasts.

Unveiling Bitmask Synthesis:

At the heart of the MASK1 lies Bitmask synthesis, a revolutionary method for sound generation. Internally, the oscillators operate with a single waveform, and the diverse tonal palette is crafted through a technique known as bitmasking, borrowed from the realm of computing. In this context, bitmasking involves altering a numerical value by selectively masking certain digits, and this technique has been ingeniously adapted to generate sonic textures. Bitmasking generates intricate waveforms teeming with harmonics, endowing the MASK1 with its distinctive and captivating sonic personality.

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