Korg ARP 2600 M

Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer

CAP2: 133250.0
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£995.83 ex VAT
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The ARP 2600 M delivers the sound admired around the world, in a more compact and portable format and including added features that make it the ideal incarnation of this historic synth.

At a glance

  • Semi modular analogue synthesizer
  • 60% of the size of a 2600FS
  • Includes multiple filter revisions
  • USB MIDI Host, 5-pin MIDI DIN all onboard
  • Captures all the sonic qualities of the 2600 in a more portable form factor

The ARP 2600M is a smaller, compact form factor of Alan R Pearlmans masterpiece design the 2600, containing all of the same circfuitry as the 2020 Korg ARP 2600 FS re-issue albeit in a smaller and more cost effective solution.

2600M captures all of the majesty and sonic qualities of the orginal 2600, with multiple filter revisions, analogue signal path, but a few modern mod cons, like USB MIDI host capabilities and much more.

3.5mm minijack connections and a 1 volt per octave standard means it can seamlessly integrate with other modular synth equipment, letting you greatly expand your sonic arsenal with a true 2600 system. One of synths legendary icons remade (smaller) for 2021.

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