Korg SoundLink MW2408

24-channel hybrid mixer

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24-channel hybrid mixer developed in partnership with Greg Mackie and Peter Watts with 16 preamps, 4-stereo tracks, 3-band Channel EQs, 1-knob Channel Compressors, Mute Groups, Feedback Suppression, Musician's Phone Feature, Spectrum Analyzer, Digital Effects, and USB

At a glance

  • True hybrid design developed with mixer design legends Greg Mackie and Peter Watts
  • 24 x 8 x 2 or 16 x 8 x 2 models feature practical design structure and ingenious features that make mixing unpredictable live performances easy even for novices
  • Peter Watts-designed HiVolt mic preamps, with the most headroom of any comparably-priced analogue or digital mixer
  • Unique Musician’s Phones Monitor Section for a fast, one-knob boost of a musician’s mix without having to change Aux or Main mix
  • Only mixer in its class with Mute Groups to create various input combinations of musicians or parts of a church service
  • True 8-bus configuration makes SoundLink perfect for recording as well as live mixing musicians, different parts of a church service, or cues during a theatre production
  • Peter Watts’ refined, studio-grade, one-knob Compressor on all mic channels
  • Super-useful touches such as best-in-class Feedback control system, all-XLR speaker outputs, 31-band Spectrum Analyzer, and enhanced Break system
  • 20 of Korg’s renowned 32-bit digital effects — 10 at once with recallable parameters
  • Premium components including Velvet Sound A/D & D/A converters and silky-smooth, long-life ALPS faders and rotary controls

The Korg MW-2408 is a 24-channel hybrid mixer developed in partnership with Greg Mackie and Peter Watts.


The Korg MW-2408 features 16 mic preamps with 3-band EQ and an easy-one knob compression control on each channel as well as mute groups and a clever monitor section. The MW-2408 is equally at home in the studio or in live settings, thanks to its 8-buss configuration offering flexible routing. Additional features specifically tailored for live applications include feedback suppressor, built-in spectrum analyser and all-XLR speaker outputs. Furthermore, this hybrid mixer includes studio-quality Korg digital effects.

Designed by Peter Watts and Greg Mackie

The analogue circuitry is designed by Peter Watts of Trident mixing consoles fame, and include newly developed HiVolt mic preamps which offer warm and musical performance with an unmatched level of headroom for any small-format mixer in its class. Furthermore, Peter Watts also worked on the EQ section and dynamic section imparting a familiar sonic imprint.

Forward-thinking features also help set this mixer apart from the competition such as four mute groups which let you call up different combinations of channels or its ingenious one-knob “More Me” in the monitor mix. Despite all these clever features, the MW-2408 remains incredibly easy to use.

Korg Digital Effects

32-bit effects are provided courtesy of Korg’s studio-quality digital effects some taken directly from their powerful Kronos workstation. Effects include six reverbs with unique “warm” versions, as well as Chorus, Flanger exciter, Sub-bass booster, Multiband Compression, noise gate, paragraphic EQ and more. Another welcome feature is the spectrum analyser with test tone generators to tune the room directly from the mixer. Up to 10 effects can be used simultaneously giving you plenty of control to sculpt your mix.

A USB mixer also lets you record the stereo mix directly into your DAW.

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