Korg Wavestate

64-voice polyphonic wave sequencing synthesizer

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a 64 voice polyphonic wave sequencing synthesizer, that's the spiritual succesor to Korgs iconic Wavestation.

The Korg Wavestate is a 64 voice polyphonic wave sequencing synthesizer, that's the spiritual successor to Korg's iconic Wavestation with a HUGE array new, fresh forward thinking functionality and sound design capabilities.

Korg Wave State is far from your run of the mill re-issue, it features a brand new take on waveform sequencing, called wave sequencing 2, a tonne of brand new (and all of the original) samples, a modular inspired sequencing tool set, macro controllers, vector synthesis control plus a whole lot more.

With the new Wave Sequencing 2 you can separate your sample, pitch and timing sequences independently to create evolving, polyrythmic and odd measure patterns in a style that's reminiscent of a modular approach, where your timing and pitch information is effectively de-coupled, letting you create patterns that repeat and evolving in unique and interesting ways.

With 64 stereo voices, four layers and gigabytes of samples you're not lacking in source material, this coupled with the four different filter modes, the unique arpeggiator, four different filter modes and what can only be described a loads of modulation, this space conscious synthesizer packs a seriously impressive spec.

The keyboard is 37 note with full size keys, with velocity sensitivity and full suite of MIDI capabilities, including MPE through the MIDI input.

The Wavestate is anything other than you're average re-issue, fully updated for the 21st century, designed to inspire and take your music into new sonic territory.

The main features of the Korg Wavestate include

  • 64-voice polyphonic wave sequencing synthesizer
  • Includes unique sequencing tools
  • Tonnes of modulation
  • Tonnes of effects
  • Vector synthesis!
  • 37 note full size keyboard
  • Parameter locking capabilities
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