LaChapell Audio 992 EG Valve Mic Preamp


Two-channel all valve mic preamp and instrument input amplifier offering rich low-end response and warm melodic character

The LaChapell Audio 992EG is a flexible fully-balanced vacuum tube mic preamp meticulously hand built to offer uncompromising sound and construction.

The LaChapell Audio 992EG uses a total of eight valves to deliver a rich, warm and musical tone with solid low-end response. Offering control over the input and output stage, the LaChapell Audio 992EG delivers a wide range of tones from clean and transparent to warm and full of character.

The input stage is graced with Jensens JT115K input transformers and two 12AX7/ECC83 vacuum tube and delivers up to 74dB of gain, enough to power ribbon microphones including 40dB on the input stage alone providing the ability to drive the input stage and generate more musical harmonics up to 15-20% distortion adding compression, fullness and energy.

The Direct input stage uses a high performance Cinemag CMDBX transformer before feeding the balanced differential amplifier input allowing for extremely quiet hi-Z stage with a clear, rich and full sound, much loved by guitarists and bassists.

The Output sage uses a cross-couple push-pull topology with 12AU7 valves used in parallel with Jensen JT-11BM line output transformer used to balance the output. Unlike the input stage, the output is conceived to be as clean and difficult to overdrive. Ideal for acoustic guitars and airy vocals, simply lower the gain and increase the input to achieve a truly clean and open sound. A Sifam back-lit VU meter lets you monitor the output level.

Additional controls include +48V phantom power, -20dB input pad, polarity reverse and mute.  The LaChapell 992EG is built like a tank with high grade aluminium stock milled to a sturdy ¼” front panel finished with a chip resistant power coating.  All components used are of extremely high standard with 3/4w Vishay resistors, ASC caps, sealed premium relays.

LaChapell Audio 992EQ Valve Mic Preamp Overview:

  • Amplifier isolated VU meters
  • Eight total vacuum tubes
  • Fully variable input/output control
  • Robust construction
  • Balanced circuitry throughout
  • Hi-Z instrument input
  • Premium tubes components
  • Jensen JT-11 output transformer

Individual channel mute function

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