Lake People G111 MkII Headphone Amplifier

Headphone Amplifier

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Premium headphone amplifier designed with a focus on quality and performance. It features an internal power supply with a toroidal transformer and oversized filter capacitors, minimizing interference and humming noises. The amplifier uses four transistors per stage and a high supply voltage 60V for fine resolution, flat frequency response, excellent noise figures, and superior headroom. It can output high power, is suitable for all headphones, and transmits frequencies from 5Hz to 150kHz with almost perfect linearity. To protect headphones from switch-on noise, it includes relay-controlled delayed outputs. Overall, the G111 MkII is a thoughtfully designed, high-quality product offered at a reasonable price, addressing all the needs of professional headphone users.

At a glance

  • High-Quality Internal Power Supply: Includes a toroidal transformer and oversized filter capacitors for reduced interference and humming.
  • Four Transistors per Amplification Stage: Ensures detailed sound quality and efficient amplification.
  • High Supply Voltage of 60V: Provides fine resolution and consistent performance.
  • Flat Frequency Response: Maintains audio fidelity across a wide spectrum.
  • Excellent Noise Performance: Superior noise figures for a clear audio experience.
  • Superior Headroom: Offers ample dynamic range for a variety of audio inputs.
  • High Output Power: Adequately powers all types of headphones.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Transmits frequencies from 5Hz to 150kHz with near-perfect linearity.
  • Relay-Controlled Delayed Outputs: Protects headphones from switch-on noise, safeguarding sensitive components.
  • Professional Design and Pricing: Thoughtfully crafted for professional use with a reasonable price point.

The Lake People G111 MkII is a high-quality headphone amplifier with an internal power supply that includes a toroidal transformer and substantial filter capacitors, ensuring minimal interference or humming from mains power. It operates with four transistors per amplification stage alongside a notably high supply voltage of 60V. This configuration allows for an excellent resolution, flat frequency response, superior noise performance, and excellent headroom.

The Lake People G111 MkII provides a remarkably high output power at the headphone output, adeptly accommodating headphones of any type. It effectively transmits frequencies from 5Hz to an impressive 150kHz with near-perfect linearity. Additionally, to protect against potential switch-on noise, which could damage sensitive headphone capsules, the outputs on the G111 feature relay-controlled delay activation.

Lake People has carefully considered every aspect of headphone usage in this product, offering a top-tier solution at a reasonable price for professional users.

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