Lake People MC100

Monitor Controller

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Sophisticated monitor controller designed for professional audio settings with versatile inputs like a high-quality USB with D/A converter, balanced XLR, and unbalanced inputs, each with tailored activation and sensitivity settings. The MC100 excels in stereo signal manipulation with options like Solo L/R, Channel Swap, and Phase Reverse, which are monitored through LED indicators. Its high-quality RK27 volume control and multiple balanced XLR outputs, along with a headphone amplifier with an X-Feed feature, ensure precise audio control. Designed to minimize noise and distortion, the MC100 is a premier choice in professional audio equipment.

At a glance

  • High-Quality USB Input: Integrated D/A converter supporting PCM signals up to 384 kHz / 32 bit and DSD 256.
  • Balanced XLR Inputs: Two rear inputs for professional-grade audio connections.
  • Unbalanced Inputs: Includes both RCA sockets and a 3.5 mm jack for versatile connectivity.
  • Individual Input Activation: Each input can be activated separately, with LED indicators for active inputs.
  • Advanced Stereo Signal Manipulation: Features like Solo L/R, Channel Swap, Phase Reverse, and Mono.
  • LED Indicators: Clear visual monitoring of activated functions and signal types.
  • High-Quality RK27 Volume Control: Precision audio level adjustments with a 41-detent, 50 mm button.
  • Multiple Stereo Outputs: Balanced XLR outputs for main and 'Slave Out', operable in both balanced and unbalanced modes.
  • Powerful Headphone Amplifier: Includes X-Feed feature to simulate loudspeaker playback.
  • Noise and Distortion Minimization: Engineered for utmost fidelity and accuracy in sound reproduction.

The Lake People MC100 is a high-quality monitor controller, meticulously designed for professional audio environments. It transcends the limitations of standard monitor controllers by integrating a wide array of inputs and outputs, coupled with sophisticated sound manipulation features.

At its core, the MC100 boasts an array of versatile inputs. This includes a USB input with a top-tier D/A converter, supporting PCM signals up to 384 kHz / 32 bit and DSD 256. Additionally, it features two balanced inputs via rear XLR sockets and unbalanced inputs—one at the rear with RCA sockets and another at the front with a 3.5 mm jack. The inputs are uniquely designed to be activated individually or in combination, with active inputs clearly indicated by LED displays. The sensitivity of the unbalanced inputs can be adjusted between -10 dBV or +4 dBu, catering to various audio requirements.

The device also excels in advanced stereo signal manipulation. It offers a comprehensive set of options including Solo L/R, Channel Swap, Phase Reverse, Mono, Mute, and a Dim function. Each function is conveniently indicated by LED lights, allowing for easy monitoring and adjustments.

Regarding volume control, the MC100 is equipped with a high-quality RK27 volume control featuring 41 detents and a substantial 50 mm button. This control is adept at precisely attenuating the stereo outputs, including the mono subwoofer output, ensuring accurate sound levels.

The MC100's multiple stereo outputs are another highlight. It includes two balanced XLR outputs named 'Slave Out 1' and 'Slave Out 2' at the rear, which are operable in both balanced and unbalanced modes. The output groups—A, B, C, and Sub (Mono)—are equipped with balanced XLR sockets and have adjustable levels to suit various audio requirements. Additionally, the powerful headphone amplifier comes with a separate volume control and an X-Feed feature, designed to minimise In-Head-Localisation by simulating the experience of loudspeaker playback.

The user-friendly interface of the MC100, with its front panel push buttons and clear LED indicators, makes it easy to switch modes and monitor the activated states and signal types. Engineered to minimise noise and distortion to the lowest levels possible, the Lake People MC100 is a pinnacle of audio precision and fidelity, making it an essential tool in professional audio settings.

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