Latch Lake iOxmount

Innovative iPad Mount

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Innovative tablet or smartphone holder

The Latch Lake iOxmount system is a simple, convenient and flexible way to mount your tablet or smartphone to a mic stand or hihat/cymbal stand.

The Latch Lake iOxmount system is composed of an iOxmount ball, an iOcore magnet and two adhesive iOadapt steel rings that you glue to your device or its cover. The spherical iOxmount screws on top of any mic stand with a 5/8” threading. The magnet is extremely strong and connects the iOxmount ball and your iPhone, iPad, or even any other tablet or phone in place while offering optimum positioning. Rotate, and tilt your device however you like it and remove it with extreme ease.

Latch Lake iOxmount main features:

  • An innovative way to connect your smartphone or tablet to any standard microphone stand
  • 3-part system includes 1 x iOxmount ball, 1 x iOcore magnet, and 2 x iOadapts rings
  • iOxmount Ball screws onto any standard 5/8" microphone threading
  • Peel-and-stick iOadapts rings adhere to the back of your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile devices
  • iOcore magnet connects iOxmount ball and iOadapts ring allowing for infinitely adjustable rotation and angle positions
  • Magnetic connection prevents accidental detachment, without making it too hard to remove your device when you want to

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