Latch Lake MicKing 2200 Black

Heavy-duty Mic Stand

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The Latch Lake micKing 2200 is the best mic stand we're aware of. Each part of this stand is a significant improvement on what we're all used to. It reaches angles and heights that other stands cant reach and then it keeps the mic exactly where you put it without ever drooping at all. If you've spent a significant amount on a microphone then you should seriously consider getting one; it'll last forever and make the recording experience that much more enjoyable.


  • Drum overheads
  • Holding a heavy vocal microphone in front of a singer that's sitting at a piano
  • Holding stereo mic arrays (decca tree, mid-side, x-y stereo pair)
  • Protecting your irreplacable vintage 1958 Sony C37A microphone
  • Holding loads of mics at once without using up lots of floor space

If you're into microphones then get in touch and we'll ship you a stand to try out. If you decide that you can live without it then we'll cover the cost of having it collected.

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