Latch Lake MicKing Pro Pack 1

Heavy-duty Mic Stand

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Heavy-duty microphone stand for recording studio and stage applications with the same heat-treated black steel finish, quick release Lever Locks and Boom Clutch as its bigger siblings

 The Latch Lake MicKing Pro Pack includes a micKing 1100 heavy-duty boom stand, a SpinGrip mic mount and three 24" Xtra Booms.

MicKing 1100

The Latch Lake micKing 1100 is a heavy-duty microphone stand for a recording studio and stage applications. The smaller in the micKing range, it is nonetheless big enough to be a drum overhead but also small enough to be a primary vocal mic stand on stage or in a home studio without taking up too much space. 

The Latch Lake micKing 1100 features the same heat-treated black steel finish, the quick-release Lever Locks, and Latch Lake's (the world's strongest) Boom Clutch. Unlike its bigger siblings, the micKing 1100 uses a tripod base with solid-steel bars designed to give it a low centre of gravity and fantastic stability on a small footprint—the perfect match for even the heaviest mics.

The micKing 1100 is also easily packed into a small box just over a metre long. The base is so rigid you can stand on the tripod legs. It comes with a five-year manufacturer's warranty. If you have any extremely heavy mics, you can get an optional extra 4lb counterweight on top of the 2lb one that comes as standard.

SpinGrip Mic Mount

If you care about mic placement, this mount will allow you to quickly get the mic where you want it and lock it there. 

SpinGrip Mic Mount offers a positionable range of 295 degrees with 3" disk brakes designed to lock the heaviest microphones, making it easier to place your microphone precisely.

Xtra Boom

Latch Lake's Xtra Booms are ideal for positioning several microphones on one stand, for mic arrays and for difficult mic placement like the top and bottom of a snare drum.

The Latch Lake MicKing Pro Pack adapts to any configuration, from classic stereo mic'ing techniques (ORTF, XY, AB, Blumlein, etc.) to mic'ing multiple instruments simultaneously, as in the case of singer-songwriters or multi-cab setups. And because it's Latch Lake, you can be sure that the stand is robust and will never let you down.

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