Latch Lake Xtra Boom Black 18"

Extra Mic Boom

CAP2: 0 £108.00
£90.00 ex VAT
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The Latch Lake Xtra Boom 18" is an additional boom arm designed for the Latch Lake MicKing and MicKing Pro microphone stands.

The Latch Lake Xtra Boom 18" facilitates complex microphone arrays and challenging placement scenarios. It is equipped with a single lever lock system, which allows for precise adjustments in the boom's extension, orientation, and rotation, subsequently securing it firmly in position. The Xtra Boom is versatile enough to attach to any stand with a diameter ranging from 5/8" to 1 3/16". Its utility is evident in various applications, such as miking drums, conducting vocal shootouts, capturing sound from guitar amplifiers, and assembling custom and standard microphone arrays.

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