Latch Lake Xtra Boom Chrome 12"

Extra Mic Boom

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£90.00 ex VAT
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The Latch Lake's Xtra Boom 12" is an additional boom arm renowned for its versatility in managing microphone arrays and complex mic placements. This innovative product is an indispensable tool for audio professionals, offering unparalleled adaptability in various recording settings.

Crafted to accommodate multiple microphones on a single stand, the Xtra Boom 12" has a unique lever lock system. This system allows for precise adjustments in the boom's extension, orientation, and rotation, ensuring a secure and stable positioning once set.

Compatible with a wide range of stands, the Xtra Boom 12" can be attached to any stand with diameters ranging from 5/8" to 1 & 3/16". Its clamp mechanism, reminiscent of robust drum hardware but with enhanced strength, ensures a reliable and firm grip. This feature renders the Xtra Boom 12" particularly effective in diverse recording scenarios, such as capturing drum acoustics, conducting vocal comparisons, mic'ing guitar amplifiers, and setting up both bespoke and standard microphone arrays.

Targeted towards a professional audience and crafted with precision, the Latch Lake Xtra Boom 12" stands out as a multifaceted solution for complex audio recording challenges.

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