Lauten Audio LS-308

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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Large-diaphragm condenser microphone designed to offer unrivalled isolation allowing for the recording of full bands in the same room.

At a glance

  • Professional noise-rejecting microphone
  • Designed for use in challenging recording situations, where isolation is difficult to achieve
  • Large-diaphragm condenser
  • 270° degrees of off-axis sound rejection
  • Internally shock mounted transducer elements to help reduce rumble and handling
  • Full 120dB (135dB total) of dynamic range without the need of additional attenuation
  • Independent 2-stage low and high-cut frequency switches
  • Internally shock mounted pressure gradient condenser elements
  • Swing-arm mount with 135 degrees of movement (removable)
  • Included threaded hard mount
  • Included foam windscreen for plosive and wind rejection

The Lauten Audio LS-308 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone designed to offer unrivalled isolation allowing for the recording of full bands in the same room.

The Lauten Audio LS-308 is a side-address microphone with a unique design that lets you focus on the sound you want to record and an unrivalled 270-degrees off-axis side and rear rejection. 

Inherent to this unparalleled rejection is a darker sound very similar to that of ribbon microphones with none of the fragility of the delicate ribbons but the same capacity for responding well to EQs in a mix.

Two onboard analogue filters are provided to shape the sound right at the source. The Low- and High-pass filters let you tailor the sound to the source and style. The high-pass filter offers a choice of two frequency options (50Hz, 120Hz) to help control the proximity effect inherent to microphones with strong off-axis rejections, ensuring an open and clear sound at the source. On the other hand, the Low-pass filter offers a choice of frequencies between 8kHz and 10kHz which can be used to remove unwanted top end on guitar cabinets or for dark sultry vocals.

The LS-308 has been designed to be extremely versatile, a go-to microphone for any applications, from vocals, guitars, kick drums, snares, toms, bass and as such is capable of withstanding extremely high levels, up to 135dB SPL without internal padding making it a microphone of choice where dynamic mics would traditionally be preferred.

Internally, this innovative microphone uses high-resolution, low-distortion polypropylene capacitors and resistors and US-made low-noise FET as well as a custom-wound output transformer. This translates into an impressively impactful sound with unrivalled isolation and level handling.

The LS-308 comes in a flight case with adjustable hard mount and foam windscreen.

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