Lavry Savitr AD-24-200 (MWC)

CAP2: 0 £8,399.00
£6,999.17 ex VAT
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The Lavry AD-24-200 Savitr is a Lavry’s latest gold standard in analogue-to-digital conversion with improved AD conversion and new 192kHz clocking capabilities.

The Lavry AD-24-200 Savitr now offers sample rates ranging the 32-200kHz operations and offers automatic sample locking when working with external clocks. It delivers astonishing performance with vanishingly low THD+Noise figures and an impressive 128dB dynamic range (A Weighting).

The AD-24-200 now also offers super low latency figures ranging between 130-471µs in standard mode and 86-153 µs in low-latency mode. MX soft clipping with user settings is also included and now includes three different soft-saturation modes.

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