Leaf Audio Microphonic Soundbox mkII

Electro-acoustic Instrument

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Compact electro-acoustic instrument designed to explore different “concrete” sounds and acoustic textures in real-time.

At a glance

  • The amplifier circuitry in mk2 has even better audio quality and extended frequency range now.
  • Soundbox mk2 is a super low noise and top quality amp for any kind of contact mics!
  • The power supply unit has a new battery management circuit and switches the LED from blue to red when battery goes under 7,2 volt (still hours left then).
  • The Kalimba now features 5 strips and is mounted on a universal threaded M3 strip, so it can be exchanged against whatever you want, using standard M3 screws.
  • On the left side a threaded M3 strip is integrated over the whole length and an additional wood piece is included, which allows to mount a big range of sound-generating objects plus 2 additional thumb screws M3x12mm.
  • Mk2 has two outputs now: one mixes both amp-channels together, if the other one is used additionally, channels are sent to the outs separately.
  • The Soundbox is now a hub for external contact mics: By the two outs you are able to use the external input on a separate out and can still play the Soundbox via the other channel.
  • The output stage features an attenuator now, which makes it possible to use the Soundbox with more sensitive audio interfaces and consumer equipment.

The Leaf Audio Microphonic Soundbox MkII is a compact electro-acoustic instrument designed to explore different “concrete” sounds and acoustic textures in real-time.

The Leaf Audio Microphonic Soundbox MkII combines metal roads, springs, a sandpaper surface and kalimba which are captured by two contact microphones. It also includes a Hi-Z audio input to connect instruments such as a guitar or bass. 

Creating a sound happens by the simple physical interaction between the player or a third object to generate organic textures. Tap, wipe, caress the elements to create unique textures that respond to the textures of the objects used.

The two contact mics are amplified up to a hundred times by a built-in preamp to capture all the most subtle sonic interaction with the instrument. When connecting an instrument to Hi-Z input, one of the contact microphone is disconnected.

The Microphonic Soundbox is battery-operated and can therefore be used anywhere at any time.

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