Liquid Sky D-Vices - GLITHc

Eurorack Expander for V4CO

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Eurorack module expanding the V4CO with real circuit bending, bit manipulation of wavetables, four logic functions, three mini sequencers, multiple connections, and extensive MIDI interfacing into a single, compact module designed for professional audio engineers and electronic music producers.

At a glance

  • Real circuit bending through internal routing adjustments
  • Bit manipulation for detailed Wave and Bank selection
  • Four logic operations: AND, OR, NAND, NOR
  • Three specialised, non-consecutive sequencers for BANK/WAVE sequencing and wavetable manipulation
  • Multiple connections
  • MIDI compatibility with one input and three outputs

The Liquid Sky D-Vices GLITHc is an innovative expander for the V4CO, presenting itself as a comprehensive glitch laboratory. This device enables unparalleled access to internal signal routing, allowing users to perform real circuit bending by actively altering signal pathways. It integrates extensive functionalities, including logic, MIDI, and varied outputs, to enhance your sonic experiments.

Exploring the Module's Design and Capabilities

Despite its complex appearance in videos, the GLITHc maintains a compact form, mirroring the V4CO's size while hosting approximately 84 patch sockets. This array includes advanced features such as four logic functions, dual sequencers for wavetable manipulation, and MIDI connectivity with one input and three outputs. This setup facilitates precise control over individual bits of the wavetable, offering extraordinary manipulation capabilities.

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