Liquid Sky D-Vices - V4CO

Eurorack VCO

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Dual 8-bit wavetable oscillators, each with a separate sub-bass oscillator, 16x16 waveforms, base and unique waveform sets, an eight-octave range, detuning, hard sync, waveform shuffle, analogue VCAs, controllable analogue overdrive, switchable audio/LFO modes, a chromatic quantizer, a complex waveform LFO, and individual and mixed outputs, epitomising a versatile sound module for innovative music creation.

At a glance

  • Dual 8-bit wavetable oscillator with separate sub-bass oscillator for each
  • 16x16 waveforms with unique and base sets for intricate sound design
  • Square wave sub-oscillator included
  • Eight octave range
  • Features such as detuning, hard sync, waveform shuffle
  • Dual analog VCAs
  • CV-controllable analog overdrive
  • Switchable audio/LFO modes for each oscillator
  • Built-in chromatic quantizer
  • Capability for complex waveform LFO modulation
  • Individual and combined outputs for each oscillator and sub-oscillator

The Liquid Sky D-Vices V4CO features a dual 8-bit wavetable oscillator, each equipped with a separate sub-bass oscillator. Unveiled in the summer of 2022 by the Liquid Sky Artist Collective, this Eurorack module stands out for its extensive waveform manipulation capabilities, driving innovation in sound design.

Advanced Sound Shaping Capabilities

Each oscillator boasts 16 banks of wavetables with 16 distinct waveforms, providing ample variation. The design includes a square wave sub-oscillator for each unit, with options for separate and mixed outputs. The module excels in its 8-bit sound quality, enriched by features like detuning, over eight octaves of range, and an internal chromatic quantizer. Waveform selection can be managed via control voltage, adding layers of modulation through FM, Sync, and a free-running LFO mode which facilitates both modulation and cross-modulation.

User-Friendly Design for Performers

The V4CO distinguishes itself with performance-oriented, intuitive controls, such as long-throw faders for waveform selection and transposition and a user-friendly dot-matrix-style display. This setup prioritises ease of use and interaction over complexity, making it an engaging tool for live performance and studio experimentation.

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