Looptrotter Emperor 500 Dynamics Processor

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The Looptrotter Emperor 500 is a 500 Series dynamics processor designed to provide analogue warmth and character.

The Loooptrotter Emperor 500 can be used as a compressor, limiter or harmonic distortion unit depending on the settings, but is primarily designed to bring your sound to life and add powerful analogue tone. It can also be used to affect the perceived loudness, brightness or to warm up your signal.

The Looptrotter Emperor 500 is designed to be intuitive and features an easy to use layout that lets you focus on the sound. At its core, we find a FET transistor which is used to control the sound as well as adding some degree of distortion. Two sidechain filters built in parallel offer a wide range of tone shaping capabilities without any unwanted phase shift. The Low filter reduces the amount of low distortion when used on Kick drums, bass guitars, while the high frequency boost can work effectively as an analogue de-esser.

Fast, Medium and Slow time constants affect the behaviour of the unit greatly with the Fast setting working as a limiter with lightning fast attack and release with rich saturation, Medium working as a fast compressor and Slow working as a slow compressor.

Independent Dry and Wet controls let you blend the amount of affected signal from subtle colouration with the original dynamics to more obvious effects. A Gain Reduction meter has been added for mixing duties to display clearly what is happening to the signal when the Emperor is engaged.

Looptrotter Emperor 500 Dynamics Processor Main Features:

  • Single slot 500 Series dynamics and colouration module
  • Acts as a compressor, limiter or harmonic enhancer
  • Flexible and versatile tones
  • FET transistor to add colouration and sound reduction purposes
  • Easy to use interface that lets you focus on the sound
  • New Gain Reduction meter
  • Two independent filters to avoid any phase shift
  • Fast, Medium and Slow settings
  • Dry and Wet controls
  • Made in Poland

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