Looptrotter 24 Channel Console

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£14,200.00 ex VAT
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The Looptrotter Mixing Console 24 Channel is an 24-channel recording and mixing console that lets you fully customise your recording chain using 500 series modules.

The Looptrotter Mixing Console includes two 500 slots for each individual channel giving you the opportunity to create your ideal signal path with your favourite 500 series mic pre, EQs or compressors. All sixteen channels also boast insert points, Aux send and returns, group assignment, Pan, Mute and long throw faders.

The master section also has four assignable stereo groups with eight slots to accommodate stereo modules or two single-channel modules such as 500 series mixbus compressors or harmonic content modules or even EQs. The masterbus also includes a 500 Series slot , traditionally used for your masterbus compressor, as well as an insert point for additional outboard connectivity if required.

The monitor section has three speaker outs each with its own volume control,

headphone outputs, mono, DIM and mute. A Talkback also offers three different modes from, stable, moment and auto.

Each of the 500 Series slots can be individually removed from the signal path entirely by switching the 500 Button off.

Looptrotter Mixing Console 8-Channel Main Features:

  • 24-channel mixing console
  • Two 500 Series slot per channel
  • Four Aux send/returns
  • Four stereo groups with 500 series slots
  • Master bus with two 500 series slot
  • Each channel can be asigned into 5 summing buses, 1-4 stereo summing groups, Master or both
  • Comprehensive monitor section with 3 individual speaker source, headphone out, Talkback,
  • Selectable talkback mode, stable, moment and auto
  • DAW monitoring input
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