Looptrotter SA2RATE-2

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The Looptrotter Sa2rate-2 is a dual channel distortion and soft limiter based on Looptrotters’ solid-state saturation circuit designed to add lower order harmonics, increase overall RMS level and smoothen transients.

The Looptrotter Sa2rate-2 adds additional Low Safe and High Smooth THD filters found on the original Emperor. The Lo Safe works by engaging a pre-emphasis and de-emphasis circuit, reducing the amount of low-end sent to the saturation circuit. The High smooth works by boosting the high frequency before the saturation and reducing it after, providing deeper saturation and smoother signal with subtle compression. 

Operation is extremely easy. the Drive control lets you set the input level and the amount of saturation while separate Dry and Wet give you a huge amount of control over the amount of saturated signal into the mix. The aforementioned Low Safe and High Smooth provide tonal controls.

Connections include balanced +4dBu XLR and Jack inputs and outputs as well as -10dB inputs to connect instruments such as synthesizers, drum machines and samplers or even in an effects loop on a guitar amp.

Looptrotter Sa2rate-2 Main Features:

  • Dual channel saturation and soft limiter
  • Adds low order harmonics, increases overall RMS and evens transients
  • Lo Safe and Hi Smooth Tonal Controls provide powerful sound shaping options
  • Separate Dry/Wet controls
  • Instrument inputs for use with drum machines, samplers, synthesizers or in an effects loop on a guitar amp.
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