Looptrotter SAT 500

Saturation 500 module similar to the Sa2rate Rack

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£374.17 ex VAT
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Single channel saturation module for 500 Series format with Lo Safe control, and Band Split option

The Looptrotter SAT 500 is a saturation module for 500 Series format designed to be very friendly to the ear and extremely musical, akin to old valve consoles and tape recorders.

The Looptrotter SAT 500 features some unique options to further tailor the sound such as a Lo Safe switch which prevents the lowest frequencies form distorting by engaging a unique pre-emphasis and de-emphasis circuit. This is complemented by a new Hi Smooth function which boosts the high frequencies before the saturation stage and smoothes and compresses the signal in a pleasing manner.

The Drive button lets you dial in the desired amount of distortion. Dry and Wet controls are also included to blend the original unprocessed signal with the overdriven tone. The level of saturation is indicated by two LEDs with the first one indicates 4% THD and a red one indicated by 8% THD.

Looptrotter SAT 500 Main Features:

  • 500 Series saturation module
  • Lo Safe pre-emphasis and de-emphasis circuit for clean low frequencies
  • HI Smooth function boosts HF content before saturation
  • Dry and Wet Controls for parallel processing
  • Made in Poland
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