Looptrotter Satur-8 EX 8-channel Saturation Unit

8 Channel Saturation Expander

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8-channel saturation unit based on the Satur-8/24 summing Mixer

The Looptrotter Satur-8 EX is an 8-channel Saturation Expander designed as a complement to the Satur-8/24 Summing mixer.

The Looptrotter Satur-8 EX provides eight channels of saturation which can be used in conjunction with the Satur-8/24 to bring additional distortion into the summing path or added as insert to add further colouration to the signal of another summing unit or mixer.

Used in conjunction with the Satur-8/24, two Satur-8 EX units bring the total of saturation blocks to 24 meaning that all channels of the Satur-8/24 will benefit from the rich and thick sound brought by the saturation blocks.

The Satur-8 EX can also be added in the recorded path to great effect between a preamp and the AD converter adding thickness and richness to your source.

Looptrotter Satur-8 EX Main Features:

  • 8-channel saturation unit
  • Same saturation as Satur-8/24
  • Works as insert with other summing devices or mixers
  • Can be used before the AD conversion stage to add richness and thickness
  • Made in Poland

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