Looptrotter SATurAMP 500-series Mic Preamp

500 Series mic-pre with original saturation circuit

CAP2: 0 £499.00
£415.83 ex VAT
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Digitally controlled single-slot mono 500-Series analogue preamp with original saturation unit adding low order harmonic frequencies, also works as a soft limiter.

At a glance

  • preamplifier with amplification of 66dB (gain 60dB + output +6dB)
  • gain on operational amplifier, build of discrete elements
  • gain control without mechanic contacts
  • smooth regulation of output level with OUTPUT knob
  • instrument input, Hi-Z, on the front panel (impedance of 1M ohm), build of discrete elements
  • original saturation unit adding low order harmonic frequencies, working also like soft limiter
  • signal peak indicated with LED
  • 2 LEDs indicating signal saturation level (4% and 8% THD)
  • 3 LEDSs indicating output level
  • PAD -20 dB  
  • phantom power 48V
  • polarization switch
  • high-pass filter with slope of 12db per octave, with selectable cut-off frequency and characteristic 60 Hz - Chebychev, 100Hz - Butterworth, 160 Hz – Bessel
  • MUTE button – muting the preamp output
  • SOWTER transformer in signal path
  • 100% original design guaranteeing unique, original sound
  • Made in Poland

One ex-display unit available. Comes boxed as new with full warranty.

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