Lynx Hilo 2 2 Channel A-D/D-A Converter with Dante Card

2-in / 6-out AD/DA converter and Dante Interface

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Superior 2-in, 6-out AD/DA converter and Dante Interface, offering significant enhancements in transparency, precision, and functionality. With features like the SynchroLock 2 Sample Clock, an upgraded LCD with capacitive touch, and support for high sample rates and DSD, the Hilo 2 caters to the evolving needs of audio professionals. It sets a new industry standard with its minimal distortion and noise levels, customisable filter options, and user-friendly interface, solidifying its position as the epitome of cutting-edge audio conversion.

At a glance

  • Advanced 2-in, 6-out AD/DA audio conversion
  • Superior input/output transparency with minimal distortion and noise
  • SynchroLock 2 for ultimate sample clock precision
  • Enhanced LCD with intuitive capacitive touch interface
  • Support for high sample rates and DSD on both input and output
  • Selectable filtering options for personalized audio shaping

The Lynx Hilo 2 with Dante Card is the advanced follow-up to the company's highly praised, independently-operated 2-input, 6-output AD/DA audio converter/interface, opening a new era in the company's history.

This next-generation device introduces a suite of upgrades, enhancing the listening experience significantly. The input and output channels have undergone thorough improvements, achieving unmatched clarity and minimising noise and distortion to the lowest levels possible. Implementing the SynchroLock 2 Sample Clock significantly advances accuracy, providing quicker synchronisation, precise tracking of external clocks, and a groundbreaking 7ppm absolute accuracy.

The device improves user interaction and display quality with its updated in-plane switching LCD and capacitive touch panel. These upgrades enhance brightness, consistent viewing angles, and improved touch sensitivity. Prepared for the future, the Hilo 2 accommodates high sample rates beyond 192kHz and DSD for both input and output, meeting the progressive audio production needs. It also provides options between linear and minimum phase filters for line I/O, offering personalised audio customisation.


The LT-DANTE LSlot Interface, designed for Aurora and Hilo converters, is a dual-port expansion module that adheres to the widely embraced Dante audio networking protocol. This standard is favoured by a broad array of manufacturers in the realms of live performance, studio recording, broadcasting, and commercial installations.

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