Maag Audio EQ4 BLACK Faceplate

500 Series EQ

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Limited edition single-channel 500 Series 6-band EQ that stands out for its exceptional control over a wide range of frequencies, from the sub-bass at 10Hz to the high-frequency 'Air' band reaching 40kHz, alongside intermediate fixed-frequency filters. This EQ offers unparalleled transparency and musicality, with the 'Air' band providing a conduit for revealing intricate sonic details and a 21-position control for precision sculpting. It even imparts subtle but impactful tonal coloration in the inaudible 10Hz range, enriching bass frequencies in clean recordings. Designed by Cliff Mäag, the EQ4 is engineered for sonic clarity with minimal phase shift, making it an essential tool for meticulous sound manipulation and exploration.

At a glance

  • Single-channel 500 Series 6-band EQ
  • Exceptional control over a broad frequency range from 10Hz sub-bass to 40kHz 'Air' band
  • Intermediate fixed-frequency filters complementing extreme frequencies
  • Unparalleled transparency and musicality
  • 'Air' band for revealing intricate sonic details
  • 21-position control for precision sculpting
  • Subtle yet impactful tonal coloration in the inaudible 10Hz range
  • Designed by Cliff Mäag

The Maag EQ4 Black is a limited edition single-channel 500 Series 6-band EQ crafted for those who seek unparalleled transparency and musicality.

Crafting Extreme Frequencies: A Harmonious SPpectrum

At the heart of Maag EQ4 lies a mastery over extreme frequencies, unveiling an extraordinary range rarely found in typical EQs. Traverse from the depths of the 'Sub' band at 10Hz to the celestial heights of the 'Air' band at 40kHz, interwoven with intermediate fixed-frequency filters. This unique spectrum becomes an essential canvas for crafting your sonic tapestries.

Revealing Sublime Detail and Clarity

The 'Air' band serves as a gateway to uncover intricate sonic nuances, empowering creators to enhance the subtleties of vocals and the brilliance of cymbals. This band bestows an ethereal finesse unparalleled in the audio domain.

Precision in Sonic Artistry

Sporting a 21-position control in the 'Air' band, EQ4 offers meticulous precision in sculpting your sonic landscape. Beyond typical human perception, this EQ exerts a discernible influence across frequencies, enriching the sonic panorama.

Unseen Tonal Elegance

While the 10Hz range might remain inaudible, EQ4 subtly but significantly enriches tonal colouration, adding depth to bass frequencies even in the cleanest recordings, lending an elusive dimension to your sonic canvas.

Versatile Elegance: A Peerless Sonic Palette

Within the extremes, EQ4 introduces well-known frequencies tailored for diverse applications. This hardware unit encapsulates an exclusive 10 per cent of sonic craftsmanship, prominently evident in the 'Sub' and 'Air' bands.

Engineered Sonic Clarity

Conceived by Cliff Mäag, the EQ4 epitomizes 'clarity' and musicality, a testament to engineering brilliance achieved through minimal phase shift. This quality invites meticulous exploration and discovery.

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