Maag PREQ2

Dual-channel Mic preamp

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1U dual-channel line and mic preamp with a two-band EQ including Maag’s famous Air band.

At a glance

  • Discrete Class-A Transformer Coupled Preamp with reamplification capabilities
  • AIR BAND (shelf boost from 2.5 to 40kHz via VARI AIR)
  • Low frequency Boost
  • 71dB adjustable gain
  • Phase Reverse
  • Variable 12dB/oct High Pass Filter
  • +48v Phantom power
  • -20dB Pad

The Maag Preq2 is a 1U dual-channel line and mic preamp with a two-band EQ including Maag’s famous Air band. 

The Maag Preq2 builds on the Preq4 500 Series Mic preamp and uses the same Class-A circuit. Both channels are precisely matched and include separate Line and XLR inputs which can be selected from the front panel. 

The Mic input offers up to 71dB of gain thanks to a combination of its discrete Class-A transistor preamp and a large nickel-core input transformer designed in-house by Maag. The design delivers an impressive +27dBu of Headroom and an EIN noise level of -128dB. The Preq2 also includes a choice of two default gain range (+20dB - +42dB/ +42dB/+71dB) accessed via the 25dB gain switch. The Mic preamp section also includes a +48V phantom power switch and a -20dB PAD when recording loud sources and polarity reversal.

The Line input section bypasses the mic preamp and transformer when switched on allowing for both mic and line-level source to remain connected. Both channels remain independent allowing one to be used as a mic preamp while the other is used as line level.

High impedance instrument sources can also be used through the 1MOhm TS input while a Thru Output jack provides an isolated and buffered output delivering a unity-gain copy of the instrument signal. The Thru output can be used for driving long cable runs to instrument amplifiers or guitar pedals and can also be used with line levels for reamping applications.

In addition, the PreQ2 includes a two-band EQ and a 12dB/oct high-pass filter with variable frequencies ranging between 20Hz and 200Hz. The two-band EQ consists of a low-band bell shape boost and Maag&rsquo's renowned Air Band. the Low band consists of a subtle 6dB/Oct curve activated by selecting any of the frequencies. In the 10Hz (sub) mode, the curve is a shelf becoming a bell-shaped curve for the remaining frequencies (40, 65, 100, 125 and 165Hz) and provides up to 9dB of boost. The Air band uses a wide shelf with a frequency range starting at 2.5kHz and going all the way up to 40kHz and provides a maximum 9dB boost.

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