Maag Audio EQ2 500-Series 2-band EQ

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At a glance

  • Single Slot 500 Series EQ
  • 2-band EQ with Maag’s renowned Air Band
  • Additional 15k Hz Frequency
  • LMF Boost Bell curve with tight and wide
  • Frequency range: Sub, 40Hz, 57Hz, 65Hz, 88Hz, 150Hz, 220Hz, 250Hz, 400Hz, 1k Hz, 1.4 kHz
  • Minimal phase shift
  • Same high quality components as Maag EQ4
  • Detent controls for easy recall
  • Frequency Response: -2 dB points, 10Hz & 75kHz
  • Nominal Input Impedance XLR): 48 K Ohms, balanced
  • Nominal Output Impedance (XLR): 50 Ohms, balanced
  • Headroom: +27 dBu THD + Noise: < 0.005%

The Maag Audio EQ2 is a single-channel 2-band EQ for 500 Series format designed to provide unparalleled transparency and presence. The Maag Audio EQ2 features Maag’s legendary HF Boost Shelf Air band now graced with an additional 15kHz frequency easily adding sparkle on any source. An additional Low Mid Frequency bell boost is also present with frequencies ranging from “SUB” to 1.4kHz with a choice of either a tight or wide bell curve letting you dial in the ideal amount of warmth and body. The Low Mid Frequencies changes depending on the selected bell curve.

The Maag audio EQ2 is ideal for mixing and especially tracking as it will complement perfectly your preamp, thanks to its Input Attn control which attenuates the signal before going through the EQ circuitry. The Maag EQ2 provides unparalleled transparency and presence with minimal phase shift. The Maag EQ2 uses the same high-quality components found in the Maag EQ4 including detent controls allowing for easy recallable settings.

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