Majella Implexus

Desktop Synthesiser

CAP2: 129083.0
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Desktop Analogue Synthesizer that seamlessly blends elements of East and West Coast synthesis, offering a versatile and high-quality voice architecture with deep modulation capabilities. It combines waveshaping and a complex VCO commonly found in West Coast synthesis with a unique 12dB dual-mode filter typically seen in subtractive synthesizers, allowing for a wide range of tones and textures. Implexus is loaded with modulation options, including VCO, LFOs, ADSR envelopes, and CV inputs, all intelligently implemented for hands-on control. Its knob per function layout provides immediate access to all parameters for complex modulation routing. The instrument is built with a focus on quality and longevity, offering a no-compromise approach to component selection. The Implexus is a superb example of synthesizer design, combining technical expertise with a passion for electronic music, delivering an immersive synthesis experience with a user-friendly interface and forward-thinking connectivity.

At a glance

  • Desktop Analogue Synthesizer blending East and West Coast synthesis concepts
  • Unique combination of waveshaping and complex VCO with a 12dB dual-mode filter
  • Abundant modulation options, including VCO, syncable LFOs, loop-able ADSR envelopes, and CV inputs with dedicated attenuverters
  • Knob per function layout for immediate access to all parameters
  • High-quality component selection and no-compromise build quality
  • Developed by a team with technical expertise and a love for electronic music
  • Offers an immersive synthesis experience with versatile tonality and textures
  • Integrates modern features while maintaining traditional connectivity
  • Represents the best of both "coasts" in a user-friendly synth design.

The Majella Audio Implexus is a Desktop Analogue Synthesizer that blends concepts from both East and West Coast synthesis to form a compelling voice architecture that's laden with deep modulation capabilities built to an uncompromising quality standard.

Majella combined waveshaping and a complex VCO commonly found in additive / Buchla / West Coast style synthesisers with a unique 12dB dual-mode filter, which you'd expect to see on more traditional subtractive synthesisers. This simple yet ingenious implementation of both sound-generating mediums means even at the tone-generating stage, Implexus is capable of an incredible array of tones, textures and effects.

Implexus is loaded with modulation options, from a basic VCO for FM / audio rate modulation, multiple syncable LFOs, loop-able ADSR envelopes, dedicated vibrato LFO and a selection of Eurorack compatible CV inputs, all of which are intelligently implemented with dedicated destination attenuverters, to give you tonnes of hands-on control to extract all kinds of weird tonality, rhythms and more.

Implexus has been carefully developed to provide the best balance between immediacy and depth, it's knob per function layout means that all parameters are immediately accessible, allowing complex routing of multiple modulation sources that are easy to manage and manipulate.

The team at Majella spent a long time building a quality feeling and performing instrument with a no-compromise ethos that extends from not only the component level choices; everything in Implexus has been carefully selected for performance and longevity.

A stunning example of synthesiser design from Jasper and Koen, combining their technical expertise with their love of electronic music making, the Implexus delivers on so many levels, providing an immersive synthesis architecture with a super clean one knob per function layout, uncompromising build quality and forward-thinking integration with many mod cons and traditional connectivity too.

The very best of both "coasts" delivered in a supremely intelligible synth

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