Malcolm Toft EQUATE

Analogue EQ

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8 Channels of Malcolm Toft Series 80 EQ with additional swept High and Low Pass Filters on each channel in a 3u rack enclosure. The layout of each EQ is designed to line up with 500 series Racks and has Dsub and Balanced Jack(TRS) connectivity.

At a glance

  • 8 channels of Series 80 EQ
  • Additional swept high and low pass filters on each channel
  • 500 Series spacing between channels
  • Individual EQ In/Bypass on each channel
  • Balanced Jack(TRS) and Dsub connectors⁣
  • 3U rackmount unit with internal power supply
The Malcolm Toft EQUATE features 8-channels of analogue Series 80 EQ with the addition of swept High and Low Pass Filters on every channel. Crafted by the renowned Malcolm Toft, this powerful rackmount EQ offers many modern features to enhance the users' audio production experience.


80-style EQ

The 8 Channels of EQ are from the Series 80 Consoles originally developed by Malcolm Toft for Trident 80 in the 1970s but with the addition of sweepable High- and Low-pass filters (between 20Hz-350Hz and 1.5kHz-20kHz, respectively.)

These filters expand your creative possibilities by allowing you to fine-tune the frequency range alongside the the Low and High Shelving EQs which have fixed frequency ranges of 80Hz and 10kHz, effortlessly eliminating unwanted frequencies or focusing on specific sonic elements. You can also do an element of that 'Pultec trick' where you boost with the Shelf EQ and cut with the Filters at the same frequencies...

There is 15db +/- Gain on all frequencies with the High Mid EQ from 1fHZ to 15K, and the Low Mid EQ from 100fHZ to 1.5K.

The EQUATE brings this historic Series 80 EQ pedigree at an exceptional price per channel, offering wonderful musical sonics for recording or mixing. Its iconic 4-band equaliser provides precise control, allowing you to perfectly tune it with its highly resonant Q peaks favoured by leading engineers for instrument tone shaping.

Convenient 500 series layout

The EQUATE is a 3u rack unit but adheres to the 500 Series spacing between EQ channels, making it compatible with other devices in your audio setup. The EQ has balanced jack and Dsub connectors to ensure seamless integration with a wide range of equipment, allowing you to use the EQ across mixer insert channels, straight in/out with any Audio Converter via Dsub or perhaps a few channels for tracking whilst using the others for mixing.

The EQUATE gives you a compact, space-saving solution for audio processing 8 channels of EQ, with the internal power supply eliminating the need for external adapters, further streamlining your workflow and reducing cable clutter.

Recording or Mixing

Whether you're tracking a drum kit, and wish to filter each mic - or maybe you're recording synths, a vocal and guitars simultaneously, the EQUATE allows you the flexibility to reach out and have that perfect blend of classic sound, precise control, and convenient features.

When mixing you might choose to 'set and forget' some channels for sub-groups or mix-bus duties, and then use a few channels for individual tonal shaping? Enhance your audio productions to new heights with this exceptional 8-channel analogue EQ, made in England from Malcolm Toft.

  • 8 channels of Series 80 EQ
  • Sweepable High Pass Filter from 30Hz to 350Hz⁣
  • Sweepable Low Pass Filter from 1.5kHz to 20kHz⁣
  • Hi Shelf EQ : 10kHz
  • Hi Mid EQ : 1K fHz to 15K fHz
  • Low Mid EQ : 100 fHz to 1.5K fHz
  • Low Shelf EQ : 80Hz
  • +/- 15db Gain on all frequencies
  • 500 Series spacing between channels - Lines Up tin 500 Series Chassis⁣
  • EQ In/bypass per channel⁣
  • Balanced Jack (TRS) and Dsub connectors⁣
  • 3U rackmount unit, powered by internal MPower supply
  • Made in England⁣

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