Maselec MTC-1X Stereo Mastering Transfer Console


Maselec MTC-1X Stereo Mastering Transfer Console

The Maselec MTC-1X is a fully featured analogue stereo transfer console offering superior sound quality and ergonomics, designed for mastering.

The Maselec MTC-1X is divided into four sections covering input, output, inserts and monitoring sections. The input section boasts two input sources, Phase reversal of the left and right channels, Low and High frequencies 12dB/octave cut off filters and +/-10dB of gain (5dB in 0.5dB steps and a fixed +5dB switch). Two cut buttons are included to cut the signal while plugging insert processors. The Low Cut filter uses a fairly sharp knee at lower frequencies to optimise performance while the High-cut filter uses “soft” knee.

The following section comprises the inserts with 6 insert points which can be totally bypassed to ensure the purest signal path possible. A Gear flip knob lets you swap two adjacent processors at the XLR connection stage of insert 1 and 2, as well as 4 and 5. This is ideal to check between two processors such as EQ and compression. When the Gear Flip is engage the insert position is not altered meaning that insert 1 remains the first insert in the chain, only the processor have been swapped. Insert 1 can also be used in M/S mode with the left insert channel being the Mid signal and the right insert channel being the side. When in MS mode a MS Insert balance knob lets you offset the difference between Mid/Side by 1dB either way. In addition insert 4 lets you mix the processed and dry signals together for parallel processing, the amount of which is controlled by the 23 position rotary switch. Two modes are available with Cross-fade mode which cross fades between dry and processed signal keeping the level constant throughout and an Add mode which adds insert 4 on top of the incoming signal in a similar way to a FX return. Parallel processing is also possible with inserts 2 to 4 by the simple press of a button.

The Maselec MTC-1X features a comprehensive output section comprising an output gain ranging from -5dB to +5dB in 0.5dB increments, an Output Cut which mutes both channels. In addition the output section features an elliptic filter which converts out of phase low frequency signals into mono below a selectable frequency point. A Stereo Width control lets you collapse the whole stereo signal to mono to create extra wide stereo without altering the mono signal. As the width doesn’t use M/S matrixes to increase the stereo image, without sacrificing Mono compatibility. These functions are vital when cutting vinyl.

Finally MTC-1X’s monitoring section gives you a wide range of options from six selectable input source including internal and external sources, two speaker selection, Left and Right cut and stereo Dim. Source 1 and 2 can be adjusted by up to +5dB in 0.5dB steps with the offset rotary switch. An additional +5dB switch lets you increase the overall volume up to +10dB. This is used for direct A/B comparison with the DAW. A source mode lets you choose between Left and right channels only, Stereo mode Mono and Difference for MID and Side.

Maselec MTC-1X Main Features:

  • Fully featured analogue stereo transfer system
  • Truly pristine mastering grade sound quality
  • Ergonomic design
  • Input source selection
  • Phase invert for left and right
  • Separate Left and Right gain controls (1/2dB steps)
  • 5dB additional gain selectable for low level sources
  • Low-cut and High-cut filters
  • Independent Cut controls for left and right
  • M-S with gain control for the ‘difference’ signal
  • Inserts 1 & 2 equipment swap (FLIP)
  • Insert 4 or Inserts 2-4 cross-fade or additive mix with the use of a rotary switch. This function could be used for ‘parallel’ compression or adding reverb
  • Inserts 4 & 5 equipment swap (FLIP)
  • Insert 6 can be moved to Post Output. This is the preferred position for a brick-wall limiter.
  • Separate Left and Right gain controls (1/2dB steps)
  • Elliptical filter with 20 frequencies
  • Stereo Width control; from mono to extra wide
  • Output Cut control
  • 4 external Monitor Sources
  • Monitor of the Input and Output sections
  • 2 speaker feeds
  • 0 to10dB, 1/2dB steps, offset trim for inputs S1 and S2
  • Monitor of the Stereo-, Left-, Right-, Mono- or Difference- signal
  • Individual Cut controls for Left and Right speakers
  • Progressive Dim function
  • Meter output, with –6dB, -8dB and –10dB offsets

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