Mellotron M4000D Mini

Mini Digital Mellotron Keyboard

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A compact version of the Mellotron M4000D, the mini has 49 keys and a smaller footprint, is lighter but boasts the same sound quality, controls and connectivity.

The Mellotron M4000D Mini is a digital recreation of the iconic 60's Mellotron keyboard, which was used extensively by the who's who of music since it's initial release in 1963. The new Mellotron series use digital samples for their source material, all of which is painstakingly recreated from the original tapes runs to give the most authentic sounding and feeling experience possible.

M4000D is the second largest keyboard equipped version of the Mellotron, boasting a 3 octave keyboard, with around 100 Mellotron and Chamberlain sounds onboard, an uncompromising 24-bit audio playback engine, monophonic aftertouch (over MIDI) and dual TFT displays for modifying your sound and controlling parameters and USB and MIDI connectivity.

For the most accurate feeling Mellotron with a wealth of mod-cons, the M4000D Mini does it all.

The main features of the Mellotron M4000D Mini include

  • Sample based Mellotron
  • Includes around 100 sounds from the original tapes
  • Controls for Volume, Tone, Pitch, Mix and Sample Select
  • Connections for expression and sustain pedals
  • Gold plated XLR connectors
  • Uncompromising audio engine

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